We have had ETDs showing change of savings credits. The dates of change are usually Dec/Jan but are actually the April upratings figures. there is no April date anywhere on the ETD If you check the RAT you can find the uprated Savings Credit figures but will be unable to get the uprated AIFs.
I have spoken to Ian Golds at Job Centre Plus and they are aware of the problem but doubt they will be able to fix before we do our new year calcs for HB CTB. They plan to send three Data Scans giving all upratings (GC and SC) but the first one won’t arrive until first week of March. Second scan planned for mid March and final scan early April.
They are also planning to stop the faulty Guarantee Credit ETDs (those that are trying to tell us about uprating) from the end of this week.

I have been advised by my Local Pension Service Office that they don’t think they will be able to cope with the additional requests from LAs for the uprated AIF & SC figures! They will be chasing someone from their end about the problem.