Reply To: Second adult rebate and students


Here’s the DWPs response;

[i:5f03994ab8]Reg 45(2) excludes students from receiving main CTB. However, those students to whom 45(3) to (7) apply are not excluded. This means that students to whom reg 45(3) to (7) applies can receive main CTB and obviously up to 100%. Therefore they would not need to fall back on AMCTB.

Those people who are excluded by 45(2) cannot get main CTB and need to apply for AMCTB. Under the new reg they can get up to 100% if a the second adult receives IS, JSA(IB) or Pension Credit. In this way students who fall under 45(2) can get up to 100% of their CT liability by AMCTB met in the same way that those who fall under 45(3) to (7) could under main CTB.

The new reg ensures that both groups are treated equally in this particular circumstance albeit either through main CTB ar AMCTB.[/i:5f03994ab8]

I’m still not convinced though – just because a student has access to main CTB, it doesn’t mean they will qualify, let alone receive 100%. If they don’t qualify, they have no recourse to the 100% AMCTB.