Reply To: Second Summary Scan


We have all our non wc 06/10/2003 start dates and all savings credit only output to exception reports rather than automatically updated.
But with Savings Credit only cases, the scan doesn’t contain the breakdown of income so surely you need to be manually inputting these anyway? And according to q&a 413 of the external q log we need to be putting all SC details on from 13/10/2003.
ans 413[color=brown:3b4ebb39a5]”What should happen in these cases is that the increased applicable amounts will be effective from 6 October, under reg 68( 3)( b)( an amendment to the regulations being effective from the coming into force date of the amendment). However, the award of the savings credit, which will reduce HB, will, under the provisions of 68B( 5) (as amended by SI 2003/ 2275,) be effective from either the first day of the benefit week next following the date the LA receives the award notice or from when entitlement to the savings credit begins – whichever is the later. For the cases in question, the “from when savings credit begins” part will be relevant.[url]Therefore, as entitlement begins on 6 October, the first day of the next following benefit week is 13 October[/url].” [/color:3b4ebb39a5]