Reply To: Self-Employed Income


i dont see how you have included his income from April 2015 when his accouning period started then

Self employed income cnnot be revised/amended unless there is an error in the assessment OR there has been a signficant change – what did you identify as the significant change in his circumstances in April 2015 as being ? An increase in his hours working? A change of nature of business?

Simple being more profitable/business doing well isnt a change in circumstances …

I know that different authorities do it dfferent ways – and – to be fair – there seems to be a certain "faith" in that the customer wont appeal/query why a previous period has been revised. Alss it dos seem we want to create o/ps an say "thwy didnt tell us"

well, we didnt ask either – and , we wouldnt want to reassess a s/emp claim every few months just to reflect busy/quiet spells – thats why we use a full years accounts… so what is he ment to tell us? he had flu and hasnt worked for 3 weeks?? Is mad busy for last couple of months and he's worried ? My own feeling is that you need to identify a change before you re-assess a claim – if you cnt pin a date to it,, im not sure how you get to the next step of applying that change.  

 others councils adopt the approach that the claim will be revised from the end of the accounting period (so april 2015 – march 16 would be used from April 2016) and then late notified ticks applied (again – not sure what the change in cics is)

others simply apply from paid to point.