Reply To: Self-employed – zero income for over 10 years!


My initial thought would be "how long can you play at being in business?"  10 years is a very long time to live on fresh air.

If all that is coming into his bank account is ChB and Tax Creds, how is he meeting his day to day living costs and unless all his business transactions are cash only and stored in the cookie jar, he must have another bank account

He must earn a minimum of £6400 to get WTC and if he earns more than £2500 must file a tax return, so it would be very interesting to compare declared income on Tax Creds to SE1 and also Tax returns.  I would also like a look at his order book to see how many customers he has and how much he has charged.

(through this he is also managing to pay his Virgin Media bill of almost £80 every month).

Plus TV license, gas & electricity, food for the family, water rates, council tax and travel expenses