Reply To: Sending submissions to Tribunal Service

nick dearnley

I've always sent it by regular post and never had a problem with lost bundles (famous last words!) and have no plans to change it at the moment.  I've tried to arrange electronic transfer but we have a 100MB limit on attachments, so can't do it without splitting the appeal response into several pieces.  Arguably there is more risk of that being intercepted or going astray that a posted bundle.

The current DPA allows disclosure in legal proceedings and I don't think this will change.  Although there will be more emphasis on documenting information held there should already be an audit trail as required by GDPR, in that you will have a benefit decision, a revision request, a reconsideration and an appeal to the tribunal.  The appeal response by nature has to include all relevent information, so I can't see a problem there, unless I've missed something.  The new rules also include processing to meet a legal obligation, so I think from an appeal submission point of view there should be little change.