Reply To: Severe Disability Premium & Non deps


nobody else is answering, i dont blame them.

i spoke to the pension service yesterday in relation to non-deps and sdp, from their perspective entitlement to the extra amount for severe disability under pension credits will cease immediately upon non-dep moving in, i am going to have to check exact wording of 26 week rule, cause i havent seen it yet, but reading the anniversary date rules for non-deps CoCs, it would appear that they would still be entitled to SDP as the conditionsd for SDP under HB would still be met, if we cant apply the non-dep moving in for 26 weeks

I can’t fault your logic in the second part.
So I would advise non deps to work 25 week contracts at the highest wage possible, then sign on for a week. thereby no deduction need ever be applied.

If you are referring to same claimant, then of course there will not be a deduction, as SDP means AA/DLA(c)