Reply To: SHBE field 48 – short term accommodation

michele darlington

this is what i sent to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government 

I contributed to the consultation for Funding Supported Housing last year. As yet I cannot see that a final report has been published on this. however our software supplier is telling me (Northgate) that from April 2018  new information needs to be collated for :-

Short term emergency or transitional exempt accommodation. (STEE)

Short term emergency or transitional specified accommodation. (STES)

Long term exempt accommodation. (LTE)

Long term specified accommodation. (LTS)

however, I am unable to ascertain the definitions of these as to my knowledge the definitions have not yet been issued to us in either a circular or guidance. can you clarify this for me please.

this is the reply:-

Thanks for getting in touch on this.  From April 2018, via DWP, we’re planning to ask local authority Revenue and Benefit Teams to assist us in a data collection exercise relating to short-term specified accommodation (or supported housing) and the new IT requirements relate to that exercise (rather than to full implementation of the new funding model, which comes in from April 2020).  We and DWP plan to issue guidance on this exercise in the near future.

More broadly, following the earlier consultations, we are now considering all responses, and plan to provide a full response in the early summer of 2018, whilst in the meantime we’re continuing to work with stakeholders.


Alan Millward

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government/Housing Support tel 0303 44 43553

this is my response- i will keep you updated.


Thank you for your reply- however, i think that there is some work to be done by local authorities before April to ensure that the correct information is being collated.

Can you give me a time frame to when the guidance can be expected please?