Reply To: Should we have referred this to the Rent Officer or not?

Kevin D

“Exempt accommodation” – care, support or supervision (CSS)…..

The provision of CSS does not in, or of, itself make it exempt accommodation. As the accommodation provider is a registered charity, there is still a further hurdle to cross.

The CSS [u:c2ce2b4160]must[/u:c2ce2b4160] be provided by the accommodation provider (AP), or by a person [b:c2ce2b4160]on behalf of the accommodation provider[/b:c2ce2b4160] (and the arrangements must be genuine). It isn’t enough for the AP to claim it is provided by them, or on their behalf – it must be for real. See [b:c2ce2b4160]CH/0423/2006[/b:c2ce2b4160]. It also isn’t enough if CSS is provided on behalf of Social Services. It must be by, or on behalf of, the AP.