Reply To: Some PDP payments not included in OVR310 and 311 reports


Thanks Wendy

Over the years I have had concerns about Northgate's overpayment reports and  found myself going round and round in circles with them.

Each time we got closer a new version of the overpayment reports was introduced .

At the moment I am just content  each month to compare the amount recovered on the OVR310 with the amount I believe has actually been recovered ( manually adding together  recovery by the different methods of recovery- taking details from the RBE248 , RCD161,OVR314 reports and adding the PDP total) and noting the difference each time.

I did raise a call about the discrepancy with NG but again nothing useful came about.

The overpayment reconciliation spreadsheet  I do not find helpful.

An updated version of the OVR310 broken down by method of recovery and age of debt is required.