Reply To: Statutory Instrument 2008/3157

Graham Keys

Thanks for that.

Not counting them in the household was the way we initially leaned but the thing that was throwing a spanner, screwdriver and 14lb lump hammer in the works for us was all the customers have claimed and get paid Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit for the kids, which is not something you expect in a fostering arrangement and Social Work have been quite clear they are not foster carers.

Everyone seems to consider them dependants for the purpose’s of benefit, including us.

If we follow the DWP’s advice then taking the kids out but leaving CB and CTC in will blow the claim out the water.

Leaving the kids in but fully counting the allowance will also blow the claim out the water.

Social Work want the kids left in but the allowance taken out.

No option seems right to me but like you say, finding legislation is tricky.