Reply To: Student Maintenance Grant


The follow up guidance was issued in G9/2006. They correctly stated there that it should be taken into account as income but failed to consider the rather important question of the period over which to count it.

My view (which I posed to the Adelphi and they confirmed they shared) is that since the Maintenance Grant is not a “grant for dependants” it can’t be averaged and taken into account for the same period as a student loan. In other words – the nice n’easy HB Reg 59(7) doesn’t apply to it. Instead, it has to be taken into account under HB Reg 59(5)(a) and averaged over the “period of study” (defined in Reg 53). HB simplification it ain’t.

I do hope, therefore, that it will prove to be true that we’ll hardly see any HB recipients getting it because they’ll be getting the (fully disregarded) Special Support Grant instead.