Reply To: Suitable Alternative Accommodation

Kevin D

[Edit] I agree with Andy re grounds for supersession. The following assumes there are legitimate grounds. Alternatively, you could revise if the LA made an error.

The commentary in the CPAG is pretty helpful.

I *think* the CD you are referring to is [b:c36e754eaf]CH/3528/2006[/b:c36e754eaf] – para 34. However, the examples given by Cmmr Jacobs should be treated as illustrative, not definitive. For instance, in the second example, Cmmr Jacobs observed that a ground floor flat, while suitable in itself, would not be suitable if situated at the top of a hill if the clmt (or family member) had asthma. No problem with that, as a starting point. However, what if it turned out that the person, in any case, was transported from door to door and could not walk very far even on a flat surface? The hill would then not be an obstacle to the alternative accom being suitable.

In short, each case will depend upon its merits.