Reply To: Support Workers and The Calendar Month


Just so I understand the situation.

1) You received a claim. This was, after some delay and difficulty, put into payment.
2) There were “gaps” in the entitlement. As soon as the entitlement ceased at the start of the first of these gaps you should have required a new claim from the claimant before you started paying again, but it does not look like you did that.
3) The claimant then reported a change in circumstances. You requested evidence which was not supplied, you then suspended the claim. Evidence was not forthcoming so you found the claimant to no longer be entitled.
4) Subsequent to your cancellation decision, you have received a phone call from a support worker and subsequently from a college. You have received no appeal against your cancellation decision.

As I see it the position is that the claim is cancelled, there has been no appeal so far (with a day or so to go for the initial time limit). Unless you receive a signed appeal from the claimant within the next few days, or a request for a late appeal within the next 12 months, give or take a few days, there is no action to take on the claim.