Reply To: Supported accommodation – abuse or not?


I think there is another issue to add to the discussion. This will probably be unpopular as it impacts on “legitimate” landlords and “genuine” claimants so I will brace myself for criticism.

The issue is who decides on what funding should be available to provide supported living for people with disabilities?

It would appear to me that it was the Government’s intention to cover all the “additional” costs of providing supported living through the Supporting People scheme. It also appears clear that the Government intends to use that scheme to impose a limit on these costs.

The problem for providers of supported accommodation is that the restrictions the Government places on the funding available through SP means that very few new supported living schemes can now be provided as the money is simply not available.

In an attempt to get around the SP restrictions there has therefore been a shift in the classification of some services away from SP eligible categories where there is little additional money available to “intensive housing management” categories which it is claimed are eligible for HB, but really are not.