Reply To: Supported accommodation developments/proposals

Jo Hagger

We have about 9 of these schemes on the go thanks to our Adult Social Care Section. Getting the breakdowns of service charges is easy, getting them to respond to my queries regarding the charges is like pulling teeth. Then when you do get the answers they want you to agree the rents within 24 hours. It is so much work.

One large scheme has said that as it is "extra Care" then the communal charges for the restaurant & the Gym are eligible for HB as they form part of the rental agreement & the tenant must use them as they need rehabilitation. They are arguing that the gym & restaurant do not fall under ineligible in Schedule 1 as they are not "leisure" facilities – they are necessary facilities.

To my mind if they are using the Gym for their health reasons or the restaurant as they are unable to cook for themselves then this is personal care & is not eligible for HB. Also where does provision of a gym or a restaurant solely for the use of the tenants come under "adequate provision of accommodation"

This will be a new build but they reckon the roof & all windows will need replacing in 20-25 years – so you can imagine the size of the sinking fund. Do they not get an NHBC certificate for 10 years?

Does anyone agree with me? Any thoughts/comments would be gratefully received.