Reply To: Supported Accommodation Old Reg 11



If the chairty is both “Landlord” and “Support Provider” the position is fairly simple.

Section 2(27) of The Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001 provides the definition of a “housing support service” :- a service which provides support, assistance, advice or counselling to a person who has particular needs, with a view to enabling that person to occupy residential accommodation as a sole or main residence”.

If the Care Commission have granted registration it would be difficult for you to argue that the chairty is [b:3472622437]not[/b:3472622437] providing care, support, or supervision. I would suggest that although support, assistance, advice or counselling are mutually exclusive from each other, it would seem that each of the four elelements could be said to fall under one of the catagories of care, support or supervision (as found in the definition of ‘exempt accommodation’).

From the simple scenario painted is seems that ‘exempt accommodation’ is being provided – I’m afraid it’s back to ‘old reg 11’ – ‘new reg 13’……