Reply To: SX3 Release 4.91 – testing problems


Can I just go back to Julian’s point about the PCMAIF code. One of the major considerations about how to enter income and capital details must surely be what gets printed on the notification letters. SI2003/325 is explicit at Reg 25(2) about what HB/CTB notification letters must include in Savings Credit only cases.

As far as I can work out, the only way to satisfy these requirements with Sx3 (CUI/GUI) is to enter the AIF exactly as it is in every case and then:

Also to use the PCMAIF code to counter for negative modifications (i.e. -£11.90 for WTC 30hr disregard or -£50.00 if a war pension of £60 was in payment and the LA offers a 100% disregard.

Enter CTC and CHB using the normal codes.

I’m not sure about capital issues yet becasue I haven’t got that far.