Reply To: Tax Credits


Jenni, you are not wrong on the point about amounts left to pay. Many customers in this borough will have been told they have nothing to pay in rent / CTAX from April when in fact they do not even qualify. The problem is that the income date has moved. If the IR had been up to date and ahead of target (as they said), then none of this problem would have occurred. However, like many other LA’s, Camden has received info on just 5% of the proforma forms we sent out. It may be some time (weeks or months?) before the IR manage to deal with the rest. Although the claimant will eventually get the backdated payment to 6 April, this will not count as income until the actual payment date for our purposes. So, yes, many HB customers will get a rent / CTX “holiday” for the first few weeks of the scheme. There is always a silver lining for someone! Incidentally, I wonder about the impact on exemptions from April on the Supported People pot, particularly for claimants living in temporary accommodation.