Reply To: Tax Credits

Laura Moore

Sorry to go back to this subject, but will there be any further information from the Inland Revenue/DWP before April 7th on whether the contingency will be invoked? Is there another amendment of the NTC Guide due before then?
If all WFTC/DPTC payments will stop on April 6th, and we remove those incomes off our claims, that is fine. But if there is any new decision at the last minute, we will have to re-load information which would be a time consuming exercise. Like probably every other authority, we are waiting for replies from the IR on 75% of our NTC claims.
It would be very helpful if the IR/DWP/LA working party could put some information on the website or this forum, as the only LA Helpline number I’ve been given for the IR opens on 1st April! (0845 300 3944). This will probably be constantly engaged! I just want a clear understanding of what is going to be happening.