Reply To: Tax credits

chris harvey

Yes Angela/Tricia I think you are right. Section 13 led me astray and diverted my attention from Section 12. Section 13 is just for awards made at the start either from proformas or awards made before or immediately after 6th April. Section 12 is very simple as it stands now, for in-year changes in the amount of credit or new awards made in-year, the COC takes effect from the Sunday of the week of the payment (using a Sunday to Saturday week). Presume this rule will apply when the change is a ceasing of credits, which in the case of WTC will be when the employer stops paying it. I wait with trepidation for the new update to the guide which no doubt will provide loads of case studies and examples. I still wonder how I’m ever going to get my assessors to understand all of this?
Tricia the HBDirect Special (Issue 14) came out yesterday. It doesn’t seem to tell us anything we didn’t already know.