Reply To: Tax Credits and disregards


Anyone have any news on this yet (whether or not child care costs or the 30+ hours disregard in excess of earned income can get ‘taken off’ the WTC/CTC (at the moment it can get taken off the WFTC/DPTC).

If not, aren’t the DWP cutting it a bit fine. What have the bigger IT providers programmed in for after April 2003 (TDBC use an in-house system and I’m the one who has to write the IT specifications!).

Also, is the 30+ hours additional earnings disregard (£11.90 from April 2003) going to be extended in HB/CTB to couples and single people over 25 who DO NOT claim/receive WTC.

It’s less than 7 weeks before year end processing starts here … do you think we will get all the answers to these and other questions in time?