Reply To: Tax Credits and disregards


I agree with Chris. But the revised para 16 of Sch 3 is still very odd in other areas. I just can’t work out which couples can aggregate their hours in order to qualify for the 30hr disregard. For example:

*What should we read into the fact that 16(2)(b)(ii)(bb) makes direct reference to aggregation of hours but paras 16(2)(a) and 16(2)(b)(iv) do not?

*Why in Para 16(2)(b)(i) does it say “is engaged in remunerative work” but in Para 16(2)(b)(iv) “are engaged in remunerative work” – and does this tell us anything about whether one implies aggregation of hours and the other does not?

*Why are there lots of references to Remunerative work of not less than 16 hours per week on average when the remunerative work definition is already contained in Regulation 4?

Can anyone work this stuff out?