Reply To: Tax Credits – predictable changes

chris harvey

As I understand it, you need to contact the IR priority helpline number (does anyone know what it is yet, it was supposed to be available from “mid March”) whenever you get an award notice with a predictable change. We are supposed to ask for the amount of CTC and WTC due before and after the change and the date of the first instalment of the revised amount. The case study K in the guide outlines a case but in the example there is only a change to CTC and no change to WTC. I am trying to figure out how the dates will work if both elements change but the payment dates are different. If you are dealing with a proforma 2 instead of an award notice, you only need to contact the IR priority helpline if there is a change in the WTC as the proforma should include the relevant dates for the CTC award.
We haven’t processed any of these as we haven’t got the IR number yet.