Reply To: The £15 cap and rent increases


The regulations appear to be subject to further changes still, but as published include the “cap rent” calculation as part of the process of determining maximum rent LHA and thereby eligible rent. Regulation 7A of the amended DMA regs also requires a decision only in the context of the requirements of 13C.

If maximum rent LHA cannot be changed outwith the prescribed circumstances, where is the scope for entitlement to change in the case of a rent increase?

Under current regulations of course, a claimant would normally not enjoy a benefit increase associated with a rent increase until similarly 52 weeks had elapsed. It may have escaped my attention, but if there has been no stated intention to provide an ‘enhancement’ in this event, is there some other justification that you can see? Alternatively, is the suggestion that the decision envisaged would simply confirm the previous, existing entitlement amount continues to apply?

As regards a name for the additional sum, how about the [b:88ea8aadc1]leopard element[/b:88ea8aadc1] (limited excess over private adjusted rent debit)? Perhaps someone sufficiently quick-witted will be able to introduce an appropriate link using the words ‘change’ and ‘spots’!