Reply To: The end of IS/JSA(IB), termination and adverse inference.


Hi arenton,

Sort of. What I’m saying is that benefit can be ended from 040906, but at that point, it’s a supersession with adverse inference not a termination. We can’t terminate from before entitlement was suspended unless we [b:5049372ced]know[/b:5049372ced] that that benefit has ceased earlier. We can’t [b:5049372ced]know [/b:5049372ced]that because the clt has failed to provide the info that we asked for. Unless, perhaps, they give us proof that they’ve inherited a million quid, but don’t give us proof of income, we can’t be certain either way, so adverse inference it is.

Or so it seems to lil’ ol’ me. I’m quite happy to be shot down in flames.

As for what other councils are doing, well we are all over the place on this which is why I’m trying to pin down what should happen.