Reply To: The end of IS/JSA(IB), termination and adverse inference.


Hello Folks,

I’m getting a bit worried reading this post, because i must admit that in our authority we would have no qualms about cancelling the claim back to the date IS ended (well the Monday following etc).

We have always assumed that this was covered by the phrase “or such earlier date on which entitlement to benefit ceaes”. in regulation14 (1)(b).

If i’m understanding correctly what you are saying here- you not saying benefit [b:c9285b725e]can’t[/b:c9285b725e] be ended at 4/9/06, but that to do so requires 2 processes-
1 – terminate under reg 14 from date of suspension- , then
2 – make adverse inference for the earlier period- inferring they would not be entitled.

Claimant can’t appeal the first, but can appeal the second- so we should taylor our decision notices accordingly.

Is that what you are meaning, and is that what other Councils are doing??