Reply To: too many people on tenancy!


I agree that it is good to maximise the benefit paid in a situation like this – at least up to the level each applicant is expecting.

I think this thread has had too much focus on how many rooms are occupied by each household. The number of rooms used is not the basis for the apportionment according to the regs. It is a possible indicator of how much the the two applicants are liable to pay, but that is all.

Far better to ask them how much they agreed amongst themselves to pay and to use that as the basis. This has the advantage of still making sense if one household stops claiming for any reason.

As there probably wont be any written agreement about this the LA could just phone them up and ask them. – One or other household can put it in writing to the LA, but I wouldn’t hold up the assessment if their statement seemed reasonable.

(on the other hand, they might say that the non-dep had agreed to pay toward it, in which case all bets are off ;o)