Reply To: Treatment of a ‘further payment’ – income or capital


Thank you for your assistance.
The crux of this concerns the day/date on which regular payments are made.
1510 aligns with the view that such payments should be treated as capital. I also feel that 1503 concerns 4-weekly payments only and that 1308 is where we should extract the correct information from.
I only wish that the DWP examples would give some inkling as to how to treat weekly payments; they are all 4-weekly scenarios.
The only point that I would query concerns the number of days in the remaining period. I would opt for the period 1/7/03 to 5/4/04 i.e. 280 days. I do not see the logic in applying 4/7/03 to 5/4/04. We should only consider the HB/CTB effective date (4/7/03) once we have calculated the necessary weekly income to use in our calculation.