Reply To: UC and a Vulnerable claimant


Hello Mark

I have found your post and hands held high, I think I have fallen into the trap of the different titles.

Well, I am going to state it as I see it and may be, even though I will look foolish, I can help others with similar questions and queries.

It is our understanding that when a claimant occupies an exempt accommodation we need to determine if they satisfy the CSS based on the claimants responses to pertinent questions PLUS being in one of the following groups-

– reaching state pension credit age or

– responsible for a child or young person in the household or

– incapable of work for incapacity benefit purposes or has limited capability for work for ESA purposes.

We do not assume that everyone occupying an exempt accommodation is in need of such accommodation and we have been proven right on a few occasions.  Normally, we would look at any of the CSS being provided through evidence from the claimant and/or the 'landlord'/'support network' alongside relevant benefits being received such as ESA and any DLA's and/or PIPs.

May be our cautious confusion has arisen because the claimant we are referring too is now in receipt of UC and we are not sure how to proceed with our deliberations.

Lists?? I would need to ask if we are aware of such lists but again, going back to my naive enquiry – are we saying that potentially we only need to consider if CSS is being provided and received (as we normally would) and the three catagories stated above are now irrelevant?

Are we saying because the claimant is in receipt of UC there is no need to consider whether they are incapable of work for incapacity benefit purposes or they have limited capability for work for ESA purposes??

Apologies for my ramblings

kind regards