Reply To: UC – housing cost element


Hi Trevor

We've been full service since November 2016. I pend any DHP applications until we receive details of the UC award, to confirm that the Housing Component has been paid – in a lot of cases many first awards don't have it due to delays in verifying rent details (though apparently that process is to be sped up now…) or the customer not realising they need to declare rental details (because HB pays the rent…). 

I'm sure I've read on here somewhere that some Housing/Homeless teams are paying the equivalent of DHP and then once the UC and housing component is awarded they are being repaid via DHP. 

I get a lot of applications for DHP that ask for arrears to be paid off due to problems with the first few months HC not being awarded, or not being awarded correctly, so I would be reluctant to pay any DHP before entitlement is confirmed. 

I don't think you can award DHP until the customer actually has an award of UC. I've gone from being able to make decisions fairly quickly where there is HB entitlement to having a lot of applications pended for the award.