Reply To: UC (Miscellaneous Amendments, Saving and Transitional Protection) Regulations 2018


So.. I'm testing the two week transitional payment, on Northgate but I suspect other software will behave the same, and have an issue. Circular A2 indicates that the 2 week payment will be full HB entitlement regardless of the level of HB before UC starts, and this should run from the UC effective date for 2 weeks. This makes sense as UC essentially passports to ful HB. However UC can start on any day of the week and if you input UC from the day it starts the HB won't increase to full entitlement until the following Monday. We'll still need to terminate HB from 2 weeks after the UC starts so the HB entitlement will be one and a bit weeks at full HB and a part of a week on the previous HB.

I'll report it to Northgate but just wanted to see if anyone else considered this and had any thoughts on a solution?