Reply To: UC (Miscellaneous Amendments, Saving and Transitional Protection) Regulations 2018


DWP has published to the advice for decision making: staff guide, which is online, UC1/2017 was amended with updated Temp Accommodation information, and we’re expecting an HB circular.

I don’t think DWP will be actively managing the Temporary Accommodation change, other than not including housing costs in new awards, and ending the housing element if they have to verify rent costs.

LA homeless teams will be aware of which tenants have UC, and could be assisting claimants in advising UC of a rent change, as well as managing the new application to HB. Just be careful that the change comes into force on 11th April 2018.

Using the new DHP provision, we’re also going to look to DHP to help with any gaps caused by the last UC housing element payment being aligned to the Assessment Date.