Reply To: Universal Credit and HB/CTB Consequential Provisions Regulations

david farrar

Sorry, paragraphs 4(5) has sub-paragraphs a-c

Where as sub-paragraph (4) of 5(2) states:

If any person to whom paragraph (10) applies
(a)is aged 60 or over; or
(b)is incapable of work for the purposes of one or more of the provisions of the Social Security Act, or Part 2 of the Act; or
(c)is treated as capable of work in accordance with regulations made under section 171E of the Act; or
(d)is a member of the same household as a child or young person for whom he or his partner is responsible,
no deduction shall be made under paragraph (3) unless suitable cheaper alternative accommodation is available and the authority considers that, taking into account the relevant factors, it is reasonable to expect the claimant to move from his present accommodation.