Reply To: Unspent Discretionary Housing Payments

chris harvey

I don’t think you will have much luck with this. DHP’s are funded up to a certain level by the government and above this level by the council themselves (up to a limit). The government funded part is not paid up front, councils have to supply estimates twice a year of what they are spending and the government only pay up to this level. As a consequence at the end of the year there is little or nothing to return to the government.
I think what you may be after, is how much of the government funding element is unspent by councils. I don’t think this is published anywhere but from my own experience with other councils I have talked to, it appears that most councils do not spend anywhere near their government funded allocation. There are many reasons for this, not just lack of promotion or poor marketing/targeting but also the restrictions that the regulations make on DHP awards. For example awards cannot be made where the customer is not already receiving some HB or CTB. There is also a lengthy list of things that DHP’s cannot cover.