Reply To: Use of WURTI to target earned income

Paul Mason

We have debating this recently, we often conduct quarterly reviews of claimant's earnings and this involves contacting the customer by a phone call or letter, the claimant having to send or bring them in, scanning and then processing the payslips – would be a much quicker and leaner process to use WuRTI (VEP) for this information. I contacted DWP Fraud, Error and Debt Programme team and they referred me to the Alerts solution which will be implemented next year and the latest FAQ's and LDv6 pack on Glasscubes. The LDv6 guide states:

The Housing Benefit Reviews / Interventions that are generated by the Local Authority, based on income criteria, can be registered on the VEP Service and the RTI data used to assess continued entitlement to Housing Benefit. Updated income details do not need to be obtained from the customer/partner prior to viewing the RTI data. Examples of ‘income criteria’ is as follows (these examples are not exhaustive).

  • Cases where the customer/partner has not been in contact for over 12 months and earnings or occupational pensions were reported on the original claim form;

  • Cases where the current data held on the customer/partner confirms receipt of the minimum wage (at the point where the minimum wage is due to increase).

So I 'think' this covers us to use VEP to obtain income details as I described above, i.e. quarterly reviews where the income fluctuates.

Anyone else using it this way?