Reply To: What happens if you stop working…


We have a case where a claimant has left work and claimed I.S.

The benefit office are saying she cannot be paid IS until the Inland Rev have “confirmed that WTC has ceased”.

Given the delays getting even the most basic info from them, I wonder how long she can hold out?

Any more thoughts on this. I’m typing this whilst waiting for the hotline to answer. My bet is that when I get through and pose the question they are gonna say “I don’t know”……

Pause….. (only 3 minutes on LA hotline number)

Well, I was wrong. The person I spoke to had an answer!

They said that:
* the WTC entitlement would cease unless the customer was moving into another job
* the customer should let them know and they would do a change of circs on the claim, ending WTC
* they also said that the Income Support section should query the TC system by computer link and establish the payment status for themselves