Reply To: When change of circumstances take effect


OK – I lied – here’s another e-mail from me to the Adelphi:

“I have checked the section of the handbook to which you refer but can find no reference to the date an AIF changes. I have looked through all 44 items that could be included in the RIS20212 report but can’t see it there. Please can you lead me to the exact section.”

I wonder whether the following line of logic will now take place:

a) Oh – it’s not there is it.

b) Ah – maybe its because when the report was originially drafted it was realised that there is no need to have the date an AIF changes because the relevant date in HB/CTB will be the same as the date the PC award itself changes.

c) Oh dear – I have been telling LA’s the wrong thing.

d) Maybe I should refer this back to the lawyers to see if they want to make any changes.

e) Quick – lets e-mail Mark to tell him that we have decided to look at this all again.

f) (2 days later). Dear Benefit Manager letter rec’d stating that last minute amending SI is due out to fix reg 68B problems.

Some hope! Anyway – for all you Sx3 users out there Peter’s point about when new SC and AIF figures get taken into account is absolutely correct. There is NO METHOD by which the DWP’s logic can be applied on Sx3 because you won’t be able to tell the system that the 2 changes in a week rule doesn’t apply to PC awards. So make you choice – underpay for w/c 13th Oct or overpay instead – there is no other option.