Reply To: WMS 148583 – Script re 2CHILD protected claims

Daz Webb

When we ran it initially in our TEST system, it identified 63 claims.

I did some cross matching of the claim references against household make-up and found that only 12 of the claims had households with 3 or more dependants. Further checking of these 12 claims found that only 1 had calcualted back in October and assessed using allowances for all 3 dependnants when it should have only been 2. The other 11 claims were either on passported benefits or were calculating correctly.

I appreciate some LA's are going to have way more claims identified than we did (as Julie has posted) and finding the resources to check all these is not ideal. Northgate did state in the release notes that the script would identify 'potentially affected claims' but I wonder if it could have been a more detailed SQL query so that it could have eliminated 1 and 2 dependant households and claims on passported incomes, as why a claim with only 1 dependant in the household would be seen a s apotential issue is beyond me.