Adult Placement rent officer referral

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    Hi – some advice please

    We are reviewing our Adult placement /shared live rent officer referrals.

    We have
    Rent £91.91 Rent
    £62.82 Meals (FB)
    £33.87 contribution toward household utilities and general maintenance.

    Would you say the £33.87 is eligible ?

    They have sole use of a bedroom and share the rest of the house.

    Any help greatly appreciated its been a long time since I looked at a RO case

    Peter Barker

    I would add all of those figures together and refer the sum to the RO, mentioning in the referral that the rent incudes meals, fuel and water rates.

    The RO should then normally provide a valuation net of the RO’s assessment of fuel and water rates, but still including meals, and you deduct the standard full board charge from it.

    In an SRR case, and sometimes in an exceptionally high rent case, but then again sometimes not, the RO will provide a figure that doesn’t include meals and you just use the raw RO determination instead.

    In other words, the landlord’s specified charges are subsumed within the total rent payable and then ignored by both you and the RO.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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