Appeals Officers Liaison Group (north england)

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    Amanda JB


    Is there any northern Appeals Officers (purely for travel purposes) who would like to be part of a liaison group with the aim to attend meetings to share stories/experiences/ideas/concerns etc and take it in turns to host

    We used to have one years ago which fizzled out and lot of the officers have since left or retired.

    I am happy to start it off and we can accommodate a meeting room in Leeds on a date to be confirmed.

    Feel free to contact me either on here or direct


    How about doing it on teams/zoom instead? MIm in cumbria, but work (from home) for a London Borough

    Amanda JB


    Teams/Zoom is something that can be considered for any officers further afield if none wants to start their own groups, would have to check we can accommodate both, cant see it being an issue for us but might be for other LA’s.

    Although, not had much interest so far which is a shame as previous liaison groups were a great opportunity to engage and support each other

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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