Arrears of War Pension – additional supplements awarded


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    We have a working age couple. The partner on the claim was already in receipt of a war pension and this is disregarded in full as income in accordance with our scheme. He has recently received £30k arrears of war pension for the unemployability supplement, invalidity allowance, comforts allowance and child allowance. He also received another payment of arrears (another £10k) as his war pension increased from 15-19% to 60%. Our regs confirm the arrears should be treated as capital, but she says she has been to another LA who have said ‘what are they doing, it should be disregarded – you should take it to appeal’. The customer says it is compensation, but it is arrears of war pension.

    I appreciate that everyone’s scheme is different, but our scheme does not wander too far from the old CTS regs. I think that we have made the right decision, but I’d appreciate any feedback if you think we’re wrong.

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