Can I pay HB to a partner where there is a safeguarding concern

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    We have a claim that has generated a large underpayment due to a backdated PIP decision.
    There are no rent arrears as HB is paid to the landlord and they top up.

    Claimant’s partner always communicates with us, and original claim form claimant’s sole bank details were provided.

    The partner has advised that her husband does not know she claims PIP as he would take the money from her and spend it on himself, she has asked for us to pay the underpayment to her as is concerned that the same will happen with this payment.
    We have raised a safeguarding process for this customer in previous years, and again this month.The husband can be heard violently shouting in the background of calls and concerns have been raised for the safety of the wife and the child in the home.

    I am not sure that we can make a payment to the partner – hence my question. Advice gratefully received.


    I think, in this particular case, you should wait for the safeguarding issue to be resolved first, you have a discretion (Based on individual circumstances) to chose to whom (Including landlord) you make the HB payments.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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