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    Hi, I have a claimant who was a partner on a claim for HB until his partner suddenly passed away – he remained on continuous IS after the death as he was the original claimant for IS but not HB. Am i correct in thinking that as a working age claimant after his partners death he needed to claim UC and stop IS to be able to claim Housing Costs or was he was protected and could make a claim for HB in his own right and stay on HB. The situation has become very confusing as unfortunately the claimant has received quite a lot of incorrect advice from various sources.


    A HB claim ended because the claimant died.
    The partner on that claim would have to make a NEW CLAIM for housing benefit – but a new claim for HB can only be made if the customer lives in supported/ specified/temporary accommodation, or is of pension age.

    If none of those criteria apply, then your customer needs to claim UC for help with housing costs.

    Peter Barker

    If he is working age and it is a general needs tenancy, he cannot make a new claim for HB. His options are to claim UC (recommended) or just make do with IS (not recommended). Will also lose eligibility for IS after 8 weeks anyway if he was claiming as a carer for the deceased partner.


    thanks for the clarity on this subject.

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