Deprivation of Income?

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    We have a pensioner who has assigned his private pension payments to his daughter, so she receives the money and not him. Could we class this as deprivation as without the income on the claim, he qualifies for more HB. It would be really hard to prove that he has deprived himself of the income to take advantage of the scheme, so do we just disregard the income?

    John Boxall

    Firstly its income he is entitled to, but the obvious issue to be addressed is why has he decided to do this?

    The deprivation issue is more usually when someone either works for nothing or gets paid/charges a very low rate but in this case the money is there and is just getting paid somewhere else.

    One other question might be who is liable for tax on it, him or the daughter. If its him then very clearly its his income not hers.

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    Andy Thurman

    I would lean towards this simply being his income – he may have chosen his daughter’s account for it to be paid into but it is still his… (does it show in his name on VEP?)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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