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    can someone please confirm something for me regarding effective dates for PIP.

    I was trained that if it is a new award of PIP then relevant benefit rules apply and it is applied to the claim from the date it was awarded but if the claimant is already receiving PIP and the component changes, i.e from standard rate to enhanced rate, that the change is applied from the Monday following the change.

    Our relevant benefit guidance advises that where an award or increase in the amount of a relevant benefit is a change in circumstances for the claimant or a member of his family (does not apply to non dependants), the claim for HB/CTB/ CTS should be amended from the actual date of the award / increase of the relevant benefit. This applies regardless of whether the claimant has notified the LA within one calendar month.

    someone has queried an assessor amending a customer’s PIP component from the Monday following and I have been trying to find something to back up it being amended from the Monday following. My thoughts are that the previous component is being treated as an end in benefit, which is why it is removed from the Monday following and the new component cannot overlap with the old one which is why that is also then applied from the Monday following. However the person querying it is taking it that they should be amended from the day as it is a change in the relevant benefit.

    Can someone please confirm / deny if my thought process is correct?

    Many thanks

    Peter Barker

    I’d say you are over-thinking it. There is one change here, an increase in the rate of PIP which is effective from the day it happens. The components are not separate benefits any more than the core rent and service charge would be separate HB awards.

    There was a UT decision a while back in which a similar point is made about someone switching from ESA(c) to JSA(c) in midweek (or it could have been the other way round). Judge was not best pleased that the LA had overlapped 2 incomes for a part week.


    we would never have the two components overlapping, we would have removed one / added the other from the Monday following the change.

    all guidance I have found is clear that it is applied from the date of change, I am trying to understand a reason why i had been trained it is applied from the day for a new award, and the Monday following for a change in component as I cannot find anything to support that.


    the component / type of change isn’t really relevant – the only thing we are interested in is the outcome of the change – if it increases benefit entitlement, then HB changes (and increases) is on the day the award was made/ change happened it occurred, if it doesn’t change entitlement. or the entitlement decreases then its effective from the Monday afterwards.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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