Exempt with UC rent element

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    We have a new scheme in the area where they have asked for the usual reassurances regarding the rent charged.
    Upon further investigation the landlords have conformed that one of the residents has been assisted to apply for UC rent element and now received £850 pcm towards the rent.
    7 bed property with three residents at the moment and one is claiming UC rent element
    Does this then suggest floating support ? Or can I just refuse and ask them all to claim UC. The property is not exempt?
    My concern is that as soon as we refuse they will ask the tenant to end his UC and claim.
    I particularly liked the line
    They have agreed to pay a payment of £850 per month but they will not be paying the shortfall will this be your team to pay or how do we go about it?


    If UC has agreed to pay housing costs I can only presume “exempt” has not yet been mentioned. If 7 tenants move in that would mean nearly £6000 per month.

    Shortful….I guess DHP but I suspect this is not in your mind!

    I also suspect it is exempt….do you know what the rent is? I am afraid it probably will end up a bit of a admin mess.

    Bit of a sign of the times in exempt property that they look at £850 per month with disdain.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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