High core rent decision

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    We have a landlord who has sent in there potential schedule of costs for a property, they have a tenant in mind however the core rent they are suggesting is double the rent than any other bungalow in the local authority area and double what we are paying for other supported accommodation properties, taking out the factor that we have to show that there is available suitable alternative accommodation at this point we have not made a decision on whether we can allow the rate set but have asked them to provide the superior lease. They have yet to sign a tenancy agreement with the superior LL and are pushing us to make a decision on what level of rent we can accept as reasonable stating that they will need to advise the tenant on what they would have to find themselves. My question I suppose is at what point do we have to make a decision on the costs – they have told us that the person they want to move in has a lot of disability needs and will require overnight care but it feels like that we are only agreeing the rent at this point so that the superior lease can be agreed.


    You are not obliged to make a decision until you’ve received a claim for HB, from the claimant.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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