HRA properties used as temporary accommodation

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    A while ago we determined that HRA properties being used as temporary accommodation should have subsidy fall under cell 55. I am struggling with Academy release 96 to get subsidy into cell 55 and It won’t allow homeless and HRA to be ticked, error message re non permitted scheme. Without the HRA ticked subsidy is falling into cell 23. Am I correct that it should be cell 55, thanks

    Andy Thurman

    If Housing (staff and/or system) confirm the properties remain in the HRA, it is cell 55 as cells 11/23 are, by definition, for NON HRA cases. Some LA’s state that such properties are, while used as TA, held outside of the HRA so 11/23 is correct but, if I am honest, I have sometimes wondered if this is really the case.
    I have never felt the need to challenge, however, as the net subsidy (rates applied to all expenditure including overpayments) will be the same.
    If setting them up as HRA, do not worry re the homeless indicator – rent costs do not need to be differently set up to ‘normal’ HRA properties.


    Thanks Andy. This is useful. I am wondering how not setting the temporary flag will affect reporting to the Dwp via SHBE. I have asked the DWP this question

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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