In year rent increases due to rising fuel costs

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    I have a provider (Registered Charity) who have increased the eligible service charge for communal heating from 01/11/22 (normal rent increases are in April).

    This seems reasonable and all evidence has been submitted but I haven’t come across this before (mind you, never had fuel costs rise like this before).

    I wondered if anybody else had come across this and if so, had they paid it? It may be that other providers will take account of rising fuel costs in the usual rent increase but to me it seems reasonable.

    Any responses gratefully received.

    thanks Mick

    John Boxall

    I might start by talking to your Housing Advice team and having a look at the relevant Tenancy Agreements.

    Possibly also ask the landlords for the legal justification for this.

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    Yes it seems reasonable but does the tenancy agreement allow this? I am doubtful unless there are variable service charges. Charges can usually set once a year unless there is specific allowance for in year.

    Now I have seen a situation where the provider advised the charges could not be increased in year “except if you are in receipt of Housing Benefit when the Council will just pay”.

    Alistair Costelloe

    If the tenancy agreement doesn’t permit the increase then the tenant isn’t liable to pay it and it therefore isn’t eligible for benefit.


    thanks for your replies

    it’s a license agreement and it does state “these charges are subject to change” and I can’t see anything that prevents them increasing the service charges.

    does that change anything?

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